Events Room Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my laptop for presentations?

To do a simple presentation on a small audience, we recommend plugging in directly to the big screen using the HDMI cables provided at the space.

Volume will be controlled by on screen volume control just beside the power button.

I would like to use the speakers for my presentation, how do I connect to that?

Use the provided 5 meter HDMI cable to connect your laptop to our amplifier module first then the second 5 meter HDMI cable to connect the amplifier module to the big screen.

This setup should provide sound output to the speakers whilst maintaining display on the big screen.

How do I use the mic?

The mic shouldn't be turned off at anytime during the use of the space as it would put out a static noise on the speaker system, instead use the "mute" button on the mic.

How do you configure the frequency if they don't match?

1) Press the "UP" or "DOWN" button to scroll though the menu options on the receiver.

2) Press the "SET" button to select the SCAN option. NOTE: The unit automatically selects the next available unused frequency. 

Once the new frequency is selected on the receiver the transmitter need to be synced to the receiver.

To do this follow these steps:

1) Press and hold the "SYNC" button on the transmitter until the "SYNC" symbol flashes on the receiver.

2) Press the "SYNC" button on the receiver.

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