Renewables Innovation Hub Manager

The ACT Government is seeking quotes from experienced organisations and/or individuals with an ABN to manage Canberra’s dynamic new Renewables Innovation Hub.

If you/your organisation has a passion for and understanding of renewable energy, excellent networks, experience with managing social media and sound business acumen, then see the following request for quote documents for more information:

Applications close 11.59PM on Monday 13 March 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this opportunity (and their answers) are provided here:

Are you looking for an individual or an organisation to deliver the services?

We have deliberately left this open to organisations or individuals with ABNs as we are interested in the full range of models the market proposes, including collaborative consortia approaches (note these would need to include a lead contractor). Nevertheless the quality of proposed personnel will be a significant factor in the decision.

What is the budget for the services?

We have deliberately left this open to see what the market considers feasible. However, value for money to the ACT government will be a significant factor in the decision.

Is the Hub offering real estate rental opportunities or will it be run on a membership base with access to members for use?

The Hub is run on a membership base with access to the premises and facilities offered to members on a full-time, part-time and casual basis. There may also be opportunities to seek an anchor tenant(s) under a longer-term rental arrangement.

What is the total floor area in square metres? What is the number of offices and meeting rooms?

The Hub is 1,100 square metres and currently includes 24 co-working desks, 6 x 3-person and 2 x 2-person offices, and a 485 square metre events space (noting the size of the event space may be decreased in time to provide additional office and co-working space).

Is the expectation that the cash flow model for self-funding at the end of the Hub’s first three years of operation will be fully or partially developed within the first year of contract?

This will be a critical part of the services. As such a fully developed model will be expected within the first year of contract. However, further updates and refinements may be considered in subsequent years.

Should our financial proposal include the operational ‘minor expenditure’? What items will be allowed or included in the ‘small budget’ and what is its value?

The financial proposal should exclude minor operational expenditure – the minor operational budget will be discussed with the successful applicant as part of contract negotiations. It is expected this would cover basic stationery, basic IT equipment required day-to-day, tea and coffee and basic kitchen supplies etc. Please note though that all financial proposals must clearly state what is excluded from their price.

What is the Renewables Innovation Hub's address?

The Renewables Innovation Hub is located at 19-23 Moore Street, Turner ACT 2612.

Is it possible to inspect the site?

Yes – please contact Matt Stimson at matt@2degreeshub.com to arrange an appointment.

Does the site have its own insurance? Will the hub manager only need to hold the relevant insurances for operations and private & public indemnity?

ACT Insurance Authority (ACTIA) currently has insurance in place to protect ACT Government employees and the Territory’s assets and liabilities within the Hub. Any third party (including the Hub Manager) will need to obtain insurance to cover its assets and liabilities.

Will utilities, electricity, water, heat and communications be supplied by the ACT Government? Obviously users will be prorata, how will this be managed?

Yes, utilities, electricity, water, heat and communications (high-speed fibre internet) will be supplied by the ACT Government. Members taking up desk and/or office space in the Hub pay fixed membership costs based on the nature of their membership and as outlined on the Hub website. Membership costs will be subject to ongoing review and adjustment as necessary. The Hub manager will be expected to advise on this, based on demand and similar market offerings.

How many members of each membership type have signed up so far?

Presently, members have taken out:

  • 6 x offices;
  • 4 x full-time memberships; and
  • 8 x part-time memberships.
What is the income from the events space to date?

The events space has been offered on a complementary basis until now to promote the Hub. New pricing for the events space will go into effect from 1 March 2017. These prices will be subject to ongoing review and adjustment as necessary. The Hub manager will be expected to advise on this, based on demand and similar market offerings.

How many of the private offices have been let so far?

Six (6) private offices are currently occupied.

What are the lease terms for the premises?

There is a currently a 3-year lease term (commenced September 2016) with an option to extend for a further 2 years at the end of the third year.

Who is the landlord?

The premises are privately owned and the relationship with the landlord is being managed by ACT Property Group.

What plans does the landlord have to upgrade the energy efficiency / renewable energy provision at the property?

Presently, there are no plans to upgrade the energy efficiency/renewable energy provision at the property. However, this may be reviewed in the future and there may be opportunities to showcase Hub member technologies on site.

What guarantee would the manager have that the contract would be extended beyond 12 or 24 months if successful?

As per the RfQ, the contract will be for 12 months, with the option for a 12 month extension on the basis of performance.

Is the incumbent manager being invited to apply?

Yes, the process is open to any organisation or individual with an ABN.

Is the Hub meeting its original targets and budget so far?

Yes. The Hub is meeting or exceeding original targets and budget.

Is it possible to extend the closing date for lodging an RfQ?

Yes. The submission closing date has been extended to 11:59PM on Monday 13 March 2017.

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